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AccountabiLity Platform

The VoteMatrix Project

is developing a

Voter Intelligence App!



Select your team (or join a team) of

Trustworthy Analysts

(topic experts & influencers) who map events to political issues




Then our transparent calculator

Rates Candidates, Bills, and Orgs

according to your  


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Intelligent VOTERS

Democracy 2.0
Failures In Democracy

Designed to Solve - 3 Primary Issues with Democracy

Misinformation in Politics           

Democracy is about making government work for you, but to make that happen, you have to devote days of research before every election to ensure you know who and what to vote for.  You are expected to listen to the media, search the internet, ignore propaganda, watch inconsequential debates, and then come to a rational and well-reasoned decision that matches your principles.  Most of us don't have the time or resources to do this effectively.

The VoteMatrix Solution - Voter Empowerment Platform


VoteMatrix rates each candidate and measure according to your views and helps you prepare to vote. Simply fill out your Principle Matrix survey and select Trusted Analysts who have mapped the issues to relevant real-world events.  The VoteMatrix Ballot provides the information you need to vote intelligently each election using sources you choose, and we make it easy.  Campaign spending and propaganda will be removed from consideration as you make decisions backed by data and your principles.

Anyone can contribute information to VoteMatrix.  This info will be rated by you and others for accuracy so you will know how each analyst ranks. Only your chosen sources will be used to map issues to candidate actions, legislation, and the activities of other political players (lobbyists/officials).

#VoteSmart - #PoliticalIntel - #MoneyIgnored

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Failures in Democracy

Failures in Democracy
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Failures in Democracy

Failures in Democracy

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VoteMatrix at Politicon

VoteMatrix at Politicon

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VoteMatrix Whistle Stop 1 - Sacramento to Klamath Falls Interview

VoteMatrix Whistle Stop 1 - Sacramento to Klamath Falls Interview

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