The VoteMatrix Project

is developing a

Principled Voter Information Network

to track political events based on

Sources You Choose to Trust

in order to provide personalized


Ratings on Politicians and Legislation

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Intelligent VOTERS


Designed to Solve - 3 Primary Issues with Democracy

Keeping Up With Politics           

Democracy is about making government work for you, but to make that happen, you have to devote days of research before every election to ensure you know who and what to vote for.  You are expected to listen to the media, search the internet, ignore propaganda, watch inconsequential debates, and then come to a rational and well-reasoned decision that matches your principles.  Most of us don't have the time or resources to do this effectively.

The VoteMatrix Solution - Voter Empowerment Platform


VoteMatrix will rate each candidate and measure according to your views and allow you to select who you plan to vote for. Simply fill out your Principle Matrix survey and select Trusted Analysts who do research for you.  The VoteMatrix Ballot will provide the information you need to vote intelligently each election using only sources you trust.  The influences of campaign spending and propaganda will be removed from consideration.

Everyone can contribute information to VoteMatrix.  This info will be rated for accuracy so you will know how good these analysts are. Only your chosen sources will be used to score candidates. Together, we can be the most informed voters in the world.

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