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Founding 1,000

Investor Information

VoteMatrix is seeking seed funds to complete the VoteMatrix project as described in the  on this website.  VoteMatrix, Inc. has been in business since February 2011 operating profitably as a tech consulting firm for clients in the Sacramento region.  VoteMatrix also has a manufacturing division, with 1 product, the PhoneThrone, now in production. 

Robert Freeman, president and sole owner, is uniquely qualified to lead this effort as a Sr. Software Engineer and Solutions Architect with an emphasis on content management, analysis, and database development.  Robert's extensive network of software consultants, developers, activists, investors, execs, marketers, and supporters provides access to all the necessary resources to make the best use of a small budget.  VoteMatrix will be organized as a California Public Benefit Corporation upon stock issuance, prioritizing mission over profits.

Throughout 2019, VoteMatrix attempted to find partners using an innovative funding strategy most closely related to crowd-equity funding.  This Founding 1,000 program's goal was to raise $1 Million in order to build and launch the entire project.  From this effort, we received commitments from 12 individuals, but did not come close to the funding goal.  As part of this program, we limited founding partner share percentage in order to spread the startup wealth across as many individuals as possible.  Although this initial program was unsuccessful, Founding 1,000 partners will be eligible for future early-stage opportunities with VoteMatrix.

The following sections describe our business plan details relevant to investors. 


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Revenue Model

Revenue Model

The revenue model above represents the top five VoteMatrix revenue streams along with annual revenue estimates based on market research of similar social media and public service platforms with over 10 million users.  This is only revenue projected from the VoteMatrix platform and does not include revenue from the consulting division, the manufacturing division (PhoneThrone production), or other revenue streams.

Market Advantages:

Targeted advertising revenue will be uniquely viable as we can ensure that advertised content will not offend users.  Ads will target only users who agree with or are open to the products and brands based on their principles.

Campaigns and organizations can fund-raise in the most effective way possible.  VoteMatrix will charge a small fee to collect donations directly through the targeted advertising model.

Polling provided will be near real-time and will be highly dimensional which is ideal for news agencies, campaigns, fundraisers, researchers, and marketers.  This polling information will not include personally identifiable information in order to ensure the absolute privacy of our users with Private principles.

State and county agencies can license the mobile ballot app to reduce paper information guide expenses and provide a better experience for their districts.


Budget and Project Plan

This graph is taken from the development and budgeting plan for the first year of operation based on a $1 Million budget.

App modules will be developed in the following phases:

  • Architecture and Security

  1. Principle Matrix - First 25

  2. VoteMatrix Gov - Federal

  3. VoteMatrix Ballot - Federal

  4. VoteMatrix Gov - State

  5. VoteMatrix Ballot - State

These efforts will run in parallel:

  • Marketing and Networking

  • Principle Matrix - Additional

  • Trusted Analysis - TrustMatrix

  • Operations

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