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Founding Principles - Honesty and Privacy Amendments

2020, Sep 22nd

We added Honesty and Privacy to our Founding Principles to ensure that VoteMatrix will always remain the most trustworthy information platform available.

Honesty - #VoteMatrixHonesty 

Transparent: VoteMatrix technologies will maintain transparent algorithms allowing you to see exactly how your recommendations are calculated.  We will provide configurable parameters to fine-tune your recommendations based on your principles.
Democratic: Within 2 years of reaching 10 Million registered voters, we will convert to a democratic public-benefit corporate model where each investor will get one vote regardless of shares owned.  Shares will sell for at most 15% of current US median income level. Individuals will be capped at 10 shares and other corporations and organizations may never purchase VoteMatrix shares.
Open-Source: Within 2 years of reaching 50% of registered voters in the US, we will release our algorithms as an open-source solution.

Privacy - #VoteMatrixPrivacy 

We will never sell your personal information or provide it to third-parties without your explicit consent.  We will develop a privacy feature that will ensure that all your data is encrypted and exclusively stored on your own device or cloud-based storage platform.  Using this feature will allow you to opt-out of any polling information provided to the public and will ensure that your data is safe even if our network is somehow compromised (we work hard to make sure this will never happen).  The privacy feature will be released within 2 years of reaching 30% of registered voters in the US.

Honesty and Privacy Ammendments

PhoneThrone Product Release

2019, Oct 1st


VoteMatrix has received our first shipment from the manufacturer and has released the PhoneThrone mobile device stands for immediate distribution via our website at and via our store on

This collapsible keychain "phone throne" holds a mobile phone at any angle, including 90 degrees vertically.  Great for watching Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, sports, taking photographs (timed selfies) or videotaping (your blog), viewing music/recipes, video chatting, emergency worklight/flasher.  It can also hold cards and other flat objects.  The stand includes tripod mounting threads for better videos or to use as a teleprompter! 


Sales from the PhoneThrone help fund the VoteMatrix project. 

PhoneThrone Release

Started: New Year's Eve - Old Sacramento

2019, Jan 1st until Feb 8th

LOCATION: United States of America, Rail Stops

VoteMatrix founder Robert Freeman is touring the country by train to raise awareness for the VoteMatrix project.  This project will be funded through the Founding 1,000 investment program.  These funds are needed to complete the VoteMatrix project in time for the 2020 election cycle.

On December 21st, Robert ended his consulting career to devote himself fully to this project. His first initiative is to reach out to people from across the country and let them know about the project and the funding need.  After this tour, he will begin a year-long development, sales, marketing, and release cycle for the VoteMatrix Principled Intelligence Platform as CEO and solutions architect along with a small team of developers, marketing consultants, and political analyst interns as outlined in our project plan.  We will publish personal photos taken of himself and his attache case distinguishable by the "Help VoteMatrix Save Democracy" on the side.

amtrak winter.png

We will post his footage throughout  the tour. Follow us on: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

If you are interested in booking an in-person meeting, publishing an article, requesting an interview, or planning a speaking engagement in a city near you, please use our Contact page.

Politicon 2018 - Democracy Village - Exhibit Hall

2018, Oct 20-21

LOCATION: Los Angeles, California

VoteMatrix hosted an exhibit for Politicon 2018 in the Democracy Village.  Thank you to everyone who signed up for the Founding 1,000, joined the revolution to Fix Democracy, or stopped by to talk.  This was the first event where we had both our Videographer (LT) and Social Manager (Lee) on-site and our first event hosting an exhibit.  The video below is just a small sampling of what went down at this event!

2018 Politcon
2018 Unrig The System

Unrig the System Summit - Co-Hosted with Represent.Us

2018, Feb 2-4

LOCATION: New Orleans, Louisiana

VoteMatrix co-hosted Unrig the System Summit with Represent.Us and other organizations across the country.  This all-partisan conference brought together individuals passionate about fixing the problems that both the Represent.Us and Fix Democracy Movement are all about. 

Other Co-Hosts: BallotPedia, FairVote, Issue One, End Citizens United, EMC Research, Patriotic Millionaires, and more

See if you can spot our Founder, Robert Freeman in the crowd at 0:48

UnConference Session Winner!

VoteMatrix was selected by attendees to present a session at the Unrig the System UnConference!   The session was a round table discussion on 
Technology to Fix Democracy.

Thank you to those who voted for us and to those attending our session even though we were above capacity for the room.

Founding 1,000 - New Year's Eve Rally

  • Facebook Event

2017, December 31st

LOCATION: Old Sacramento (Delta King area) 8-10 pm

VoteMatrix celebrated the New Year by kicking off our Founding 1,000 funding phase! We met up in Old Sacramento on the boardwalk in front of the Delta King to support the movement, meet supporters, accept investor pledges, and to enjoy the live music and amazing fireworks show.

Fix Democracy Supporters:

Over 200 of our supporters snapped a pic with our Snapchat frame available new year's eve at the rally
Supporters use SnapChat, FaceBook, Instagram, or Twitter and tag @VoteMatrix to support the cause!

SnapChat VoteMatrix GeoFilter

Snapchat Geofilter

Founding 1,000 Investors:

In 2018 we will choose 1,000 founding investors to fund VoteMatrix app development and share in the success of the company. 

Detailed investor information now available.

2018 New Year

2017 Women's March - Fix Democracy Supporters

2017, January 21st

LOCATION: CA State Capitol

The Fix Democracy movement joined the women's march to support female activism and rally support for better information in order to help elect the best candidates based on their actions.  We received overwhelming support from the attendees and are committed towards supporting principle based activism throughout the world.  Staying true to our all-partisan principles we encourage all activists to fight for the issues they believe in.

2017 Women's March
2016 New Year

2016 Never Again - New Year's Eve Rally

2016, December 31st

LOCATION: Old Town Sacramento 8:00-10:00pm

The Fix Democracy movement rang in the New Year by saying goodbye to 2016 and the politics of money and power, helping to prevent an election similar to 2016 from ever happening again.  We took pictures of some of our supporters at the rally holding our Printable Sign and posted it online using the @VoteMatrix #2016NeverAgain tag.  We met up in Old Sacramento on the boardwalk in front of the Delta King to support the movement with live music, refreshments, games, and an awe-inspiring fireworks show.

Printable Sign:

2016NeverAgain New Years Eve Rally- Wide
2016 Nov - Fix Democracy Kickoff

Revolution to Fix Democracy Kickoff at the CA State Capitol

2016, November 1st through 8th

VoteMatrix kicked off the Fix Democracy movement by rallying at the California State Capitol every day in November 2016 till Election Day.  Many supporters stopped by to chat and help the cause.  This election was a classic example of wealthy, well connected, and popular candidates buying their way into a 2 way race for president.  Join the VoteMatrix Revolution to ensure this Never Happens Again!

Watch one of the videos from this event on our YouTube channel:

2015 April - HAVA Ammendment

HAVA Amendment Initiative - Voter Information Accessibility

2015, April

VoteMatrix proposed a solution and authored a petition to congress to centralize voter information data nationwide.


HAVA Ammendment Info

In order to make voter information easier to access and standardized throughout the nation, VoteMatrix is petitioning congress to amend the Help America Vote Act of 2002 to include a centralized standard data repository for all election day information.  We propose that the Election Assistance Commission create and maintain this data, making it freely available to all.


Voting information is currently isolated to county election agencies in proprietary and closed data formats.  We support the work The Voting Information Project is doing to navigate this mess and get election day information in an open format, but are appalled at the amount of work required to do so and the quality of the data aggregated.  Open access to election data feeds should be a requirement of government as needed for transparency and to reduce corruption during elections.
Please help us by signing the petition here:

Once you've signed the petition, please share it with your friends.

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