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Hashtags / Slogans Defined

This page explains some of our regularly misunderstood hashtags.  Words convey many meanings and are often viewed through biased lenses based upon our own experiences.  To remove this bias, we clarify our terminology below.

Speech has power and we believe that surrendering the usage of common terms to extremists indirectly empowers them.  Keeping with our foundation of fighting misinformation and bias with accurate and unbiased information, we describe each of these terms below and claim them as our own.

Red Pill

The #RedPill slogan is a reference to a scene in the film "The Matrix."  The main character Neo (Keanu Reeves) is offered a choice between a distressing but liberating truth (a red pill) and a peaceful but controlled ignorance (a blue pill).  Neo takes the red pill and gains understanding and eventual power over the system through his expanded knowledge.  VoteMatrix supporters use this hashtag to support their understanding of partisan politics and the influence of wealth, media, and power in manipulating democracies.

The #RedPill slogan does not represent any specific movement or denote a party preference for the Republican party which is often represented by the color red.  The term #Woke is often used in the same manner as #RedPill and may also be used by our supporters.

2016 Never Again

The #2016NeverAgain slogan means different things to different people and we encourage our activists to use it to support their principled causes in whatever way they wish.  The VoteMatrix Revolution to Fix Democracy recognizes the following aspects of the 2016 presidential election that go against the VoteMatrix Founding Principles:

  • Divisive candidates with questionable qualifications, propped up through connections/money/fame, embroiled in scandal, and/or running mud slinging campaigns​

  • Fake News, Biased Media, and Excessive Propaganda​

  • Third Party Irrelevancy

  • Lack of Voter Information

  • Possible illegal intervention from a foreign nation

  • Biased and incorrect pre-election polling

The #2016NeverAgain slogan may be misconstrued as rejecting the positive aspects of the 2016 election. This is not the intent.  In order to highlight these often overlooked successes, we will list some of them here:

  • First woman to win the popular vote for President of the United States - Hillary Clinton

  • First woman to successfully run a Presidential campaign to victory - Kellyanne Conway

  • First state votes to implement Ranked Choice Voting (IRV) for federal positions​ - Maine

    • Note: this is good for third+ party candidate relevancy

  • ? - First president elected with no prior government work experience - President Trump

    • Note: this is good for anti-establishment based principles and bad for government experience based principles

  • Specific legislation that passed or was defeated with help from your principled activism or support

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