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Fraudulent Chinese Manufacturer Warning

The following company has acted in a fraudulent manner and will not longer be contracted with.

OE Fitting and Lighting, Inc. (also known as Dongguan OE Fitting And Lighting Co., Ltd.)

Web address:

Primary contact: Ken Tung  - Email:

Alibaba Supplier Page:

Fraudulent behavior:

OE Fitting And Lighting requested and received an upfront payment to produce an aluminum injection mold for one of our products.  After 4 months of conversations, requests for modifications, and fixing their errors, the company stopped all contact and would not refund payment.  When asked for a design of the mold, the company could only provide I-DEAS format (.mf1, .mf2) which Siemens phased out over 17 years ago.  They stated that they could not export it to any other format and could not provide surface screenshots of the mold.  After agreeing to let them develop the mold without providing the design files, they cut off communication completely.

We recommend against direct payments to this and other suppliers on Alibaba.  Instead, use the trade assurance feature.  This will provide better options in case of similar fraudulent behavior.

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